Your Shropshire based Baby Bank

Corporate Partners

We’re eager to partner with likeminded businesses and there are a variety of ways that you could get involved:

  1. Promote | Let your employees and your wider community know about our support and services, and help spread the word.
  2. Fundraise | Help us raise much needed funds through regular donations, make us your charity of choice for the year, or make a one-off welcome payment.
  3. Donate | Do you have end of line stock of baby and children items? Why not donate to us.
  4. Volunteer | Does your organisation offer volunteer days? Use one of the days to volunteer at Little Stars and help make a difference to families across Shropshire.

We’re all about partnerships, and making any alliance work well for you too, so we’d love to chat about how we could best support you. Do get in touch and thank you

Learn more about how partnership's make a difference to charities and how Aico's partnership with Little Stars has made a big impact to our organisation. Watch our interview below with Shropshire Business Live TV.