Your Shropshire based Baby Bank

How to make a fantastic donation


  • No marks, fading or discolour
  • Missing buttons
  • Tears or rips
  • Broken zips

Bedding and beds - do not include mattresses:

  • Moses baskets
  • Cot beds - need to include the assembly instructions, along with all the fittings in a bag connected to the frame
  • Sheets to be stain and bobble free

Buggies and prams:

  • Ensure they are clean, including removing all items from the basket
  • Have all the attachments included
  • Complies with BS EN 1888 – see our Regulation Policy

Children’s toys:

  • Be complete
  • Not broken
  • Safe


  • Need to be in good condition
  • No rips to the pages, tears or stains


  • Bottles to have the lids but not the teats and not to be heavily stained


Please see the regulation policy for information on what to check when making a donation of the following items:

  • Pushchairs/buggies/travel systems
  • Cots and cotbeds
  • Highchairs
  • Toys


  • Car seats or booster seats – Safety, we do not know if the seat has been involved in an accident, which could have caused internal damage not seen.
  • Cot mattresses - Wellbeing, in line with safe sleep advice all cots and moses baskets are to be given with a brand-new mattress.
  • Breast pumps – Hygiene, this is because contaminated pumps have been identified as reservoirs for bacteria, especially after being used by multiple mothers and cleaned inadequately between uses.
  • Safety gates – Safety, it’s essential that a stair gate fits stairs snugly, but it’s not always so easy to achieve with a secondhand or worn out product.
  • Baby walking frames and door bouncers – These items are deemed safety critical and it is difficult for us to quality check the product.
  • Baby slings and baby carriers – Safety critical and is difficult for us to quality check.
  • Second hand children’s shoes - Wellbeing, all children walk differently and shape the shoes to their feet.
  • Repainted cots – Safety, the paint used may have contained lead or other substances that may be harmful when chewed.
  • Children’s clothing with a drawstring. Safety.