Your Shropshire based Baby Bank

Our History

Hi, I’m Leanne and I founded Little Stars Baby Bank in August 2020. After having my son (who’s now one) and my daughter (who’s now three) I wanted to pass on the things they no longer needed, but that were in brilliant condition, so that they could have a second life elsewhere. I was really surprised to learn that there was nowhere that could take my baby clothes, baby bath and moses basket, when I knew that there were families in absolutely desperate need of them. It just didn’t make sense to me.

The more research I did, the more heart-breaking stories I uncovered, and I just couldn’t shake the idea that something was needed to bridge this gap. If not now then when, and if not me then who, right? So, I sat down with my husband to work out how we could make it all work around jobs, kids, and family life. Somehow we did and Little Stars Baby Bank was born.

We’re supported by a small group of trustees, plus family and friends, and as the charity grows we’re looking forward to taking on volunteers across a variety of roles.